TLC Private

Established since 2008

About TLC Private

We provide dedicated remedial education to children with a variety of learning difficulties and barriers to learning.

TLC Private is an independent remedial school with small classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7. We offer individual attention, support and assisted learning for pupils needing a nurturing school environment.

Situated in Wilro Park, in the Roodepoort area, Gauteng, it is easily accessible from Ruimsig, Discovery, Roodekrans, Helderkruin, Florida, Horizon, Constantia Kloof, Fairlands and Northcliff.

TLC Private was established in 2008 by Noëleen Pomeroy. During her years of teaching she realized there was an overwhelming need for inclusive education to teach and support children who have difficulty learning in mainstream institutions. Noëleen Pomeroy is a qualified remedial teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. She works with a dedicated team of teachers and a psychologist in a secure and nurturing environment.

At TLC Private we provide inclusive education where pupils, who are not coping in mainstream school, can learn and be taught in a small nurturing environment. Teachers will work individually and in small groups to bridge gaps and help pupils with learning barriers to reach their full potential.

TLC Private Remedial School | Fractions
TLC Private Remedial School | Jungle Gym

Meet the Directors

TLC COO 2021
Director / Principal

Jenny Quintal

Founder | Noeleen Pomeroy | TLC Remedial School
Director / Vice-Principal

Noeleen Pomeroy

Heart and Soul

Many years ago, on the back of a dream
A vision was captured by a teacher, Noeleen.
Without much ado, she resigned from her school
Mainstream teaching could be just too cruel.

What about those children who had been blessed-
But labelled to feel so much less than their best?
Dyslexia, Asperges, ADHD
Young lives flooded by anxiety.
Brain signals confused, creative, so bright
Too often viewed as disruptive, a blight.

Noeleen, you see, looked into their souls
Way beyond behaviour, understood life’s tolls
That could damage potential, misshape, stunt
Young people who put up such a brave front.

TLC was born from this passion and fire
And children rescued from strife are ire.
Nurtured, set free and just loved till they healed
Self-worth restored, peace and calm sealed.

She’s feisty and spirited, kind to a fault
A treasure so special and TLC’s vault.

Tracey Miller

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