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TLC Private Remedial School

Day scholar schooling for Grades 1 to 7
Welcome to The Learning Curve
We are a private remedial school
Dedicated Remedial Education
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  • Offer inclusive education and assisted learning.
  • Deliver a curriculum at the level relevant to the child’s ability.
  • Support the child emotionally and in areas of weakness.


  • Assisted learning strategies to help grasp new concepts.
  • Reward the child for success.
  • Highlight areas that need improvement.


  • Inform parents when the child needs further assistance.
  • Assist parents with methods to support learning.
  • Liaise with relevant therapists where necessary.

TLC Testimonials

“Thank you to all the teachers for all your hard work, commitment and dedication.”

Gary & Gerda

“Thank you for everything you do for our kids, especially the patience and understanding.”

Claire Francis

“You guys do an awesome job everytime, all the time. God Bless.”

Ingrid Miller

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